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About Fridge

We want to help reduce household wastes by helping you make sumptuous meals from your extra ingredients.

Fridge is a free mobile application that suggests delectable recipes based on the ingredients you currently have.

Our Progress

Android App Launch

We just recently launched our app on the Google Play Store, and have partnered with an awesome company to deliver the best recipes.

Coming soon: Apple Store Launch

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Simple and Intuitive

Smart Ingredients Search

Searching for the ingredients you have on hand is made more swiftly by a smart prediction algorithm.

Beautifully Curated Recipes

Easily browse through our curated list of recipes from a variety of sources at a glance. Complete with a mouth-watering photo, brief description, number of minutes to cook, number of servings, and calorie count.

Cooking Instructions

We provide the necessary ingredients, detailed food preparation instructions, a curated list of similar recipes, reviews, and more!

Social Share

Found the perfect recipe? You can share it with your friends on the different social platforms available.

Our Features

Fridge was Made with YOU in Mind

Fridge was created to be beautifully designed, easy to use, intuitive, and effective for our inner chefs in us to enjoy.

Check out the upcoming features on the right.

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User Accounts

You can signup to get users only features and exclusive content.

Search Filters

Tired of search with just your ingredients? Let's notch it up a bit by using filters based on your liking.

Shopping List

A users only feature to help you plan out your grocery items.

News, Blogs, Recipes and More

Share your recipes to the whole world! A lot of stuff is in store for our beloved users.

Download The App

Fridge is available on the Play Store. Stay tuned for more upcoming features and updates soon!

Coming soon on iOS.

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  • Unlimited Ingredients Search
  • 30 Recipe Results per Search
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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Fridge?

Fridge turns your extra ingredients into sumptuous meals by providing delectable recipes, and helping you reduce household wastes.

Are the recipes solely based on the ingredients?

Not entirely. Depending on the number of ingredients you enter, the recipes we suggest may include ingredients that you didn’t enter.

How does fridge help prevent household wastes?

If you happen to have an extra carrot, beans, or garlic lying around, open Fridge and prepare delicious meals from them to prevent spoilage.

How much does it cost?

Fridge is absolutely FREE!

How does it work?

You can prepare the best meal, satisfy your taste buds, and reduce wastes in 5 easy steps!

  1. Enter the ingredients you have on hand
  2. Browse through the curated recipes we provide
  3. Select the best recipe from the list
  4. Prepare the food based on the recipe instructions
  5. Voilà! Bon Appétit!